SQM Club:Where Membership Has Its Privileges

The SQM Club is a private membership club that offers its members exclusive access to high-end amenities and personalized concierge services. It is designed for individuals who demand the best and are willing to pay for it. The club provides a range of benefits, including VIP treatment at partner establishments, invitations to members-only events and experiences, and the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Exclusive Access to High-End Amenities 

One of the key benefits of being a member of the SQM Club is having exclusive access to high-end amenities. The club offers access to some of the most luxurious and sought-after facilities in the world. Members can enjoy access to private clubs, upscale restaurants, and exclusive entertainment venues. Whether you are looking for a private spa day or a night out on the town, the SQM Club has you covered. 

Personalized Concierge Services to Cater to Your Every Need 

Another benefit of being a member of the SQM Club is the personalized concierge service. The club has a team of dedicated professionals who are available to assist members with their every need. Whether you need help booking a flight or hotel, securing a reservation at a restaurant, or planning a special event, the SQM Club’s concierge team is there to help. 

VIP Treatment at Partner Establishments 

The SQM Club has partnered with some of the most prestigious establishments in the world to provide members with VIP treatment. Members can enjoy priority access, complimentary drinks, and other perks at select partner establishments. From exclusive nightclubs to Michelin-starred restaurants, the SQM Club provides members with unparalleled access to the best of the best. 

Opportunities to Network and Connect with Like-Minded Individuals 

The SQM Club is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for luxury and high-end living. As a member, you will have the opportunity to connect and network with other members. The club hosts regular events and experiences, providing members with the opportunity to socialize and make new connections. Whether you are a business professional or just looking to expand your social circle, the SQM Club provides an ideal environment to meet and connect with like-minded individuals. 

nvitations to Members-Only Events and Experiences 

The SQM Club hosts regular members-only events and experiences. From exclusive parties to private concerts, these events offer members the chance to experience some of the most sought-after events in the world. The club also hosts special travel experiences, providing members with the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most luxurious destinations. 

Flexibility to Customize Your Membership and Tailor It to Your Lifestyle 

The SQM Club understands that every member has unique needs and preferences. That’s why the club offers a flexible membership program that can be tailored to your lifestyle. Members can choose from a range of membership options, each with its own set of benefits and perks. Whether you are looking for a basic membership or something more comprehensive, the SQM Club has a program that will suit your needs. 

Dedicated member services team to ensure a seamless experience 

The SQM Club’s member services team is dedicated to ensuring that members have a seamless experience. The team is available to assist with everything from membership inquiries to booking reservations. The club’s online portal also provides members with easy access to information and services, making it simple to stay up-to-date with the latest club news and benefits. 

Access to Premium Travel Benefits and Services 

The SQM Club provides members with access to a range of premium travel benefits and services. Members can enjoy discounted rates at luxury hotels, access to private airport lounges, and other perks that make travel more enjoyable. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the SQM Club provides the ultimate travel experience.


The SQM Club is the ultimate luxury membership club for those who demand the best. With exclusive access to high-end amenities, personalized concierge services, and VIP treatment at partner establishments, members of the SQM Club are truly living the life of luxury.

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